People of Goa

Walking around the market of Mapusa in Goa you see plenty of 'models' really happy to pose, they're not offended by some tourist who loves to capture images of character, an offer of a bottle of Coke or smoke can liberate even the most shy model

My wife and I have spent many years travelling all over the world, we have met and experienced many different cultures; we have met some truly fantastic people however we feel that the People of Goa are a step above the rest. In 1998 we met three Brothers Alex, Francis & Kedgy who ran a beach shack in Goa. From day one they treated us like old friends, now I know people have a business to run and hospitality requires a certain amount of BS just to get the job done. Kedgy has been cooking my dinner since I started going to Goa in 1998, a smile and a laugh that transcends any language barriers. The fact that he is showing me the fish he is about to cook me, whilst nearly naked and smoking a cigarette. I wouldn't have it any other way, the fish is less than a few hours old and Kedgy will make a fine job preparing it for me; fried with Masala and served with salad.

Two of Kedgy's younger brothers Francis and Silvester, Francis in the foreground is the brains of the restaurant and provides me with accommodation. Silvester is.... well he is just Silvester!

Every Job has it's upside and downside; on the downside you are coated with a fresh stream of fish juice however on the plus side it is freezing cold in a searing heat....

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